Location: New York
Year of investment: 2020
Investment status: Active
Contact: Mark Carter

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Blockchain is poised to grow, with an expotential return on security token utilization.

The Alloy token helps combine crypto and commodities, enabling commision free trading.

Alloy creates a synergy between Crypto and Fiat, meshing the two frameworks by creating an interoperable medium of exchange.

Omni World Holdings - Private Investment Opportunities
Target Verticals

Our market entry verticals have the potential to revolutionize the international finance experience.

  • Government Investment
    Involve public authorities in the creation of a fully compliant digital currency grounded in US-endorsed commodities with the goal of providing a means of regulation. This will also help maximize potential for economic growth through tech-enabled process advantages and cost efficiencies.
  • Commodity Exchanges
    Enable commodity brokers and exchanges to seamlessly offer the value-added service of low-commission securities trading, portfolio distribution, and asset management.
  • International Banking
    Partner with international banks to offer increased access to global markets by providing a more streamlined medium of investment, exchange, and regulatory compliance.
The Blockchain Advantage

Leveraging blockchain allows for the implementation of a digital and decentralized ledger that records all transactions without the need for a financial intermediary like a bank. This peer-to-peer system comes with sizable cost and time advantages.

Expanding the Global Commodities Market

By tapping into licenses and partnerships, Alloy is able to extend traditional US banking opportunities to the international market.

  • The International Market
    Existing partnerships with global intermediaries, banks, and exchanges coupled with securities licenses afford the opportunity to quickly penetrate the international market.
  • Access to Underbanked Clients
    The low barier to purchasing cryptocurrencies and commodities allows for participation in trading and banking without extensive paperwork or currently-required inf rastructure.
  • Secured Portfolio Connection
    International client connection to secured US-based and commodity-backed assets mitigates the exposure to volatile local currencies through partner banks and organizations.

Omni World Holdings is a leading private investment firm, which blends unparalleled knowledge and financial discipline with an entrepreneurial spirit.

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